Thursday, May 19, 2016

Before And After Sewing Machine Cabinet


I have been changing some things around in my office/tv/everything room.
You can get a little sneak peek to see what's going on in here. I have been
on the hunt at garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops. I'm getting there piece,
by piece. You could say i'm decorating on a budget!!! Finding things dirt
cheap, and giving them new life. I'm not finished yet, but i'm getting there.

Needs some love. Don't you think??

Oh yes.....This is better.

What a little paint can do:))))

                                                  Have a good day!!                                             

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

I'm On A Roll....Vintage Tablecloth

I'm always drawn to vintage linens, and i find it hard to say no to vintage linens. 
They are all so original, and hardly being made anymore. As soon as i see one my 
mind is thinking of ways to re purpose them. If they have a few stains on them, i
still buy them. I'm sure they have been used for a lot of family dinners. I soak my
linens in oxi clean, and that usually does the trick. I work around  stubborn stains.

If you don't sew you can use fabric glue. A $2.00 tablecloth makes a beautiful table runner.

I love a ruffle. 

Pretty cut outs 

I like my table runners wide. So i'm going to cut this 24 inches wide.

24 inches wide.

An inch hem on each side. Now i have my 22 inch wide table runner.

Now it's time to sew on a pretty ruffle! Then some ironing! Don't pass up those pretty linens:)))

                                                        Have a great day!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beautiful Lilacs

I love this time of year when all the flowers are starting to bloom! Well, lilacs are my very
favorite. The beautiful colors, and the wonderful aroma! I just wish they would bloom all 
summer long. When they start flowering i bring a big basket of them inside. They are not
only beautiful, but so easy to arrange.

They make a wonderful centerpiece. I put them in a big ironstone pitcher. 

They make my heart skip a beat!!!

I set the table with all mismatched china, and mismatched old silver flatware. I think it makes it 
more interesting. I'm going out and cut more and just enjoy all the beauty!

                                                        Have a beautiful day!!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Sewing Using Vintage Linens

I love when i find vintage linens. I find a lot of them for a few bucks, at garage sales, thrift
stores, and estate sales. I always find ways to re-use them. I found this beautiful piece of
vintage fabric at a second hand store that i could make some pillows with. I also found some
pretty linen dresser scarfs/table runners. Here is what i did with it.

The fabric is a really pretty lavender and purple. I just made two simple envelope pillows. They
would look nice in my bedroom too.

This pillow i used the linen dresser scarf. It was just the right size, I tied this with grosgrain ribbon.

This piece of vintage fabric was well worth the price.....$6.00... The linen scarf was $2.00

                                                                    Have a great day!!!
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