Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Hutch

The weather is changing, and there is nothing i love more than the crisp,
cool mornings. It's time to add some fall touches around the house. Fall
is my favorite time of year. I love to cozy up my home this time of year.
I started with my hutch. The white dishes, and pitchers stayed. I just
added some warm neutrals to give it a pop of color. 

 I found the covered ironstone bowl at a barn sale. The handle was broken off.
It was one dollar. I glued the handle back on.

 I added my brown and white dishes. Whenever i see one at a garage sale i buy it. I found these
a couple years ago.

 I found these bowls from England a few years ago too. I go to so many sales i can't remember
where i bought these. I think it was an estate sale.

 I just found these three really old ironstone bowls at a barn sale. Three for a dollar!!! Little
things like this thrill me!!!!

                                                                          Yes  i am!!!!!!! 

                                                                    Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Drop Cloth Fall Table Runner

I wanted to make a smaller fall table runner for when i remove the leaf
from my table. I always like to have some drop cloth so when i decide
to make something i have it on hand. I had everything i needed for this

                                                You can see how i made one Here

I used the end of a stencil brush to dab on the polka dots. I wanted the runner to have
some whimsy!!! And, fall colors!

  One side i stenciled grateful, and the other side harvest. Lots of polka dots.

     The end of a stencil brush works perfect to make some polka dots. Lightly dab the end
     in the paint. Not too much. Then lightly dab on fabric. 

                                                                 Have a great day!!!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Dry Sink Is Finished....

The dry sink is finished, and i am very happy with the results. When i first saw this
piece in the window at the thrift shop i already knew in my mind how i would want
this to look. I couldn't wait to start painting.  

   This is when you first walk in the kitchen. I decided to hang my bread boards back up. I think they
   fit in with the look i wanted. Sort of french, and a little country.

   The paint color is Benjamin Moore Monterey White. Glaze is Valspar Mocha. ( My all time favorite)

  Hidden on the shelve in the thrift shop were these beautiful La Bourguignonne  french terrine
  casseroles. The smaller one was $3.00 and the bigger one was $4.00. It was my lucky day!!!
  I filled the vintage enamel oven roasting pan with fruit. The pan was a garage sale find.

   I had to stand back and view the whole arrangement. I had to rearrange it several times
  until i thought it looked right. I used similar colors for fall. 

  I love this roasting pan. It has the top too. I'm going to cook my Thanksgiving turkey in this
 this beautiful pan. The inside is in perfect condition.

                                                                 Have a great day!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What I Am Working On......Dry Sink

I  am so happy to have found an old dry sink at the thrift shop. I have been
looking for something to replace the cabinet i had in this spot in the kitchen.
As i was walking in the thrift shop this was in the front window. I walked in
looked it over and bought it for $75.00 plus 10.00 for a delivery charge. The
cabinet i had i donated to the thrift shop. They took it right with them. One 
came in, and the other went out!!! Now i am ready to paint it!!! I love having 
a paint project. It keeps me from thinking about all the problems in the world.  

It's well made. In the old days a basin was placed inside, and it was used in the kitchen
or back porch to wash dishes, utensils, fruits and vegetables.

The paint brush is out and i am ready to start!!! Stay tuned for the after. 

                                                      Have a great holiday weekend!