Monday, November 30, 2015

Decorating The Dry Sink For Christmas

I know we are all starting our Christmas decorating!! I started with my dry sink in the kitchen. 
It seems my kitchen gets the most attention because we spend so much time in there. All the
decorations are out, and the kitchen is first!!! I'm moving on to the hutch next!! I'll give you
a tour of the Christmas kitchen soon. 

I'm loving all the red and white in the kitchen. I cut some squares of felt and made the joy banner. I found the cute little mini clothespins at joanns to hang it.

 Lots of candy canes and bottle brush trees.

 I put my bottle brush trees in small ramekins.

 Santa is on his way!!! I bought the Santa picture at the consignment shop and painted the frame cottage white. The boxwood trees i bought at target a few years ago .I put mini battery operated
light on them.

                                                                 Have a great day!!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Recovered Vintage Bench And I Made A Wreath....Foyer

I found a wonderful bench at the antique store that i always visit. I have been looking for
a bench for my foyer for quite awhile, but i could never find one that i really liked. I wasn't
really happy with the bench i had in the foyer. I was always on the look out for another one. 
As soon as i saw this one, i knew i wanted it. It's different, and that's what i like about it. Well,
i always wanted to try painting upholstery, and i thought i would give it a try on the bench!
What a disaster!! Let's just say it didn't work for me!! I had to give it three coats of paint. I 
mixed in fabric medium hoping it would soften the fabric. When i finished it, and it was dry it
looked pretty good!!! When i sat on it Yikes!!! Crunch, Crunch, Wrinkle, Wrinkle!! No way!!
It didn't work for me. So, i started all over again. I ripped the painted fabric off, and recovered
it with a soft neutral fabric. I trimmed it with a twill ruffle. Now it's cozy and comfy. You have
to try different things to know if you like it or not. In this case Not!! It brought back memories
of when i was a kid, and we visited our relatives and they had their sofa covered in plastic. Do
you know what i mean!!!

It's soft and cozy now!! First i gave it a coat of cottage white paint.

 I decided to use my needlepoint pillows and a cozy sweater throw.

 I finished my Christmas wreath. Right after Thanksgiving i can add a little Christmas. I bought
 the wreath at joanns, and added some picks, a little bird, and i made some white puffs with some
white yarn that i had. A few little Christmas balls too. I hot glued everything on.

Ruffled twill trim.

Another find was the big turquoise jug i found at a yard sale. I put some branches from the yard in it.

This is the mauve fabric that was on it. 

I learned my lesson to cut the fabric after i staple. The fabric is a nice soft linen color.

I ripped that bad boy off!!! This is the color after i painted it. 

                                                          Have a good day!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Simple Pumpkin Cake

I know we are all starting to prepare for the holidays. Writing are menu, figuring out
what dishes we should use, going grocery shopping!! Well, if you need a quick dessert
this is really moist, and delicious, and guess what?? You use yellow cake mix. How
easy can it get. As long as the end results are good it's fine with me. 

It's super moist!!! Pumpkin and yellow cake mix!!

Everything goes in one bowl :))) Easy!!!

I used a bundt pan, but you can use a 9x13 baking pan, or two 9 inch cake pans. 
I just sprinkled powdered sugar on top. If you want you can make a simple glaze.


One package yellow cake mix
3/4 cup sugar (i used 1/2 cup sugar)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup pumpkin
1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 eggs

 Preheat oven to 350 degrees


Lightly grease your pans, or pan
In large bowl mix together the yellow cake mix,
sugar, vegetable oil, pumpkin, water, cinnamon
and eggs. Beat until well blended. Transfer to
baking pan, or pans. Bake in preheated oven
for 45 minutes. 


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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Diy Signs...Before And After

I was cleaning up in the garage and noticed there was a  piece of  plywood
that my husband had from a project that he was working on. My mind started 
thinking of how i could make a cute sign for the kitchen with a piece of that
plywood. I asked my husband if he could cut me a piece, and he did. He is such
a good guy!! He goes along with all my crazy ideas!! A little hint for you. If you
should go to any craft store and you see all the Halloween stuff on sale (70%
off) pick up a wooden plaque for a few bucks and you will be ready to make a sign.
Just needs to be painted and then you can do your magic. I picked up two wooden
Halloween signs at michaels for 70% off and made two signs for Christmas. One
is for a friend. I don't do anything perfect i just do the best i can!!

My husband cut it to the size i wanted.

 70% off at michaels 

 I painted it cottage white and then mocha glaze. I painted a brown border.

The Halloween sign is all painted!! Cottage white. 

 I wanted the letters a little whimsical for the kitchen. 

I didn't put any glaze on this one. I did a red and green border. I did my best to paint a tree
and a star:)) I drilled a hole on each side for a pretty red ribbon.

                                                  Have a great day!!

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