Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cottage Bedroom Blues~~~~

I have been loving the color blue! I added some pretty blues in my bedroom.
I love quilts, and i have them scattered around the bedroom. I think they make 
a room so cozy!! I love a cozy comfortable look, and i love the calming colors.



My bedroom is big, and bright. This is a little tour around the room.

This is a favorite of mine. This vintage ironstone pitcher and bowl that i bought at
an estate sale.

I have been starting to collect portraits of ladies. I found this one at an estate sale.


   This one from the thrift shop.

 This one also from the  thrift shop.

                                                                         Have a great day!!      

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Small Colorful Foyer

I try to make the most out of this small space. No matter how big or small your
entry is it can still be charming! I think visitors get the first sense of your home
when they walk through the front door. I am adding bright colors for the summer.
I love a little small cozy space.

Just a few changes made all the difference. I made the pillow covers with some fabric
i bought at the thrift store. I found the vase at a garage sale, and the pretty hooked rug 
i bought at the consignment shop.

 The Two Tracy Porter plates i also bought at the thrift shop. I mixed in a pink bordallo plate.

 I was so happy to find this pretty colorful 8 foot long hooked runner at the consignment shop.
All the colors are so bright and cheerful.

                                                                       Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Before And After Foot Stool

I have to say i absolutely love the thrill of the hunt. I went to an estate sale
on Saturday when it was just finishing up. I just happen to see a sign saying 
estate sale, and of course i had to stop. Everything was marked down, and they
were getting ready to close up shop. I saw this old stool in a big pile of stuff.
I asked the lady how much it was, and she said it's free. I know it looked really
junky, i mean really junky, but that is the kind of stuff i love to buy. In this case
It was free. I love fixing up old stuff no one wants! I rather fix this one up then go
to the store and buy a new one. Yes, i know it needs work, but that's what i like to do!!  

   I told you it was junky, but i didn't want it kicked to the curb!!

 This is better!!!

 I stripped it down to the bare wood.

 I put new batting.

  I cut a piece of drop cloth that i had and stenciled a cute little bee on it.

 I stapled it, and hot glued the trim on.

 To finish it off i added furniture nails. Now i have a cute little stool no one wanted!!

                                                             Have a great day!!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Colorful Easter Tablescape

Easter is a time to celebrate!! I love to set a pretty colorful table
for Easter. Weather lunch, or dinner, a pretty table makes all the
difference. I started by picking the colors i love for springtime. 
Pretty pinks, purple, and yellow. All the colors that are bright and,
cheerful!! I also wanted to make my table special by adding a few
special details.

   I started by using my milk glass pedestal bowl. I filled it with pink, and white Easter hay.
  I added a big bunny filled with pretty flowers, and lots of Easter eggs.

Simple white plates. I am using large green bordallo dinner plate as chargers.

I filled cups with faux grass.

A close up of the centerpiece.

 White milk glass goblets.

  I painted small clay pots white, and added some pink ribbon. I using the pots to hold my candles.
I am also using the runner i made with white polka dots. Egg cups filled with jelly beans!!! I have
to have jelly beans!!

I am using my pretty floral napkins. They bring a lot of color to the table. That's it!! Hope
you enjoyed.

                                        Have a great day!!

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