Monday, September 28, 2015

Keeping It Cozy In The Tiny Foyer For fall

I know my foyer is really small, but i still want it to be warm, and cozy since it is 
the first little space you see when you come through the front door. I just added a
few things to cozy things up. 

I filled a basket with wool yarn that i wrapped into balls. A pillow, and a fluffy throw adds warmth. 
I also hung my pine cone wreath. I bought the cute little velvet pumpkin at home goods.


 I filled my ironstone pitcher with some faux berries, and some branches from the yard. Little
spaces can still be cozy, and warm.

                                                                 Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home Sign....Before And After

I stopped at one of my favorite antique stores. The store is loaded with all kinds of
treasures. Inside, and outside. I wanted to make a sign for the kitchen, and i knew
i needed at least a six foot board. Sure enough i found  the board i was looking
for in a pile on the side of the store. $5.00....Perfect! It fit in the car too!! I was
worried about that.

I painted it with chalk paint the color is drop cloth. 

 It's a perfect size for this spot. It's simple, but bold. Home sweet home!! Yes, i am blessed, and i am
so thankful for that!!

What takes time is measuring. I just take my time, and try to get the letters straight. It doesn't
have to be perfect. I painted, glazed, and did some sanding. I had to add the heart. Home is
where the heart is!! I love that it has a knothole too. I like what you can do with an old 5.00 board.

I finally got my tobacco baskets from decor steals. I love them!!

                                                    Have a great day!!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quick And Easy Project....Cloche.. Before And After

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Here is a quick, and easy project. I bought this
glass vase at the thrift store for $1.00. Check out your thrift stores. I also see them at lots
of garage sales. If you need a cloche for your holiday decorating this is a really inexpensive

What you will need

Glass vase (any size you want)
Super glue (i use loctite)
Glass knob (any knob you have)

Turn your glass vase over, and glue your knob in the center. Let it dry for a few hours. I had the
glass knob from an old cabinet i had.

There you go!! You have a pretty glass cloche. I have it on a silver tray i bought at a yard sale.

                                                                 Happy Saturday!!! 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Home Tour 2015

Welcome to the my home!! I want to give a big thank you to Brenda at Cozy Little House
for organizing this fabulous fall home tour. Stop by Brenda's to see her beautiful home
all decorated for fall, and all the other gorgeous homes on the tour. I love fall it's my 
favorite time of year. I love all the beautiful autumn day's filled with color. Home is where
my heart is. Everything that has to do with home, and family fills my heart! I love my home
to be warm, welcoming, and cozy. Well, come on in!! 


Let's start in the kitchen. I love setting a pretty table for my family and friends.

I have my gathering room picture up now, which i really love, but i ordered tobacco baskets
from decor steals that will go right up there. They should be here very soon!! I found the little
straw pumpkins at world market. They are adorable!! Yes,i love pumpkins!! 

 I usually take out the needlepoint pheasant picture this time of year. I also recently found a few
wild turkey windsor ware  dinner plates at an estate sale that i added to the mix.

There will always be a pumpkin tucked in somewhere!

A peek into the hallway. Now to the living room.

I love using a tray on the coffee table. It's easy to move when we are all sitting around and i want
to bring out some snacks.

Adding texture with needlepoint pillows and a fluffy throw. I have a love for needlepoint pillows.
I could never have enough of them.

Living room fall mantle. All my dried hydrangeas are serving me well! I have them all over the house.

I found this big beautiful federal mirror at an antique store.

The office

My bedroom is in the neutral shades for fall. Vintage quilt and velvet ruffled pillow shams, and linen
pillow shams. When you leave here, head over to Little Farmstead to see her beautiful home. Thanks
for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Tuesday Tours September 16,2015

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House Of Hipsters
Kate's Place
Little Farmstead
Sunny Simple Life

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