Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before And After Ottoman

Hello friends,
I finished my $5.00 ottoman that i found at the thrift store.I found some pretty fabric at joanns on sale.I wanted it to blend in with the colors i have in my living room now. I have to say since i retired i think i have to much time on my hands!! When i worked my house was nice,and neat!! Now everything is usually a big mess! Projects all over the place.I should stay out of the thrift store, but everytime i see something  my imagination runs wild.

This is the before. ugly!! 

I made a slipcover for it. I put cording on the top,and bottom to give it a finished look. I also painted the legs white.I had a small footstool there before. Now you can sit, and kick up your feet.

I like the soft color. 

 I did a summer look on my mantel too.Before you know it i'll be changing it for fall.I gave my mirror a fresh coat of white paint.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Topiary Is Finished

Hello friends,
I hope everyone is trying to keep cool. Right now here in New Jersey it's 104 degrees.It is stifling hot!! When i don't go to a garage sale on a friday you know it has to be hot.It's just to hot to go out. since i'm in for the day i'm working on some projects.

My $3.00 topiary looks better now!! I'm not sure where i will be putting it. 

I have been looking for a topiary, but they were all to expensive.So i had to make my own. 

I found this topiary at the thrift shop for $3.00. I bought because i wanted to take it apart, and start all over.Those ivy leaves are just to plastic looking for me. I bought some new ivy at michaels,and some new moss. 

I just took it apart, and started from there. 

I painted the pot in three different colors. Brown,green, and gold. I tried to give it a aged look. 

This is a little peek at my next project. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Working In The Kitchen

Hello friends,
I'm still working in my kitchen. I mentioned in my last post that just about everything i own is white!! I still had my roosters,and a few other things that i didn't sell or give away.Before i started decorating in white my kitchen was french country.My daughter has her kitchen decorated in french country so i gave her a lot of my stuff. I had to really start from scratch again!! I went to a good garage sale on friday. The lady was moving,and she was selling some great stuff. She told me her house was also french country.I was in luck!!

The first thing i had to do was figure out what to put in my barrel. 

I decided to put rolling pins,bread boards,and some dried lavender.I wanted to give it a french look. 
I found four fruit pitchers at the garage sale. I had one,and added three of the ones i bought.She only charged me $2.00 for each one.It sure is colorful !! 

I found this wire basket too!! I guess that's what you call it. 

I bought these wooden planters at kohl's on sale.I like the color,and i can keep them out for fall too. 


I had the rooster urn that i bought at home goods years ago. 

I found this picture at the same garage sale.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old Wooden Barrel And A Yard Of Burlap

Hello friends,
I found this old wooden barrel for $5.00 at a garage sale over the weekend. I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Then i thought how about wrapping it in burlap, and stencil it with my french stencil that i bought from Maison De Stencil.This stencil was worth every penny. I use it so much!  5 dollars for the barrel,and 3.99 for a yard of burlap.You can't go wrong.

I used one yard of burlap 

I measured where the middle was,and stenciled. 

I just wrapped the burlap around the barrel, and trimmed it to fit.Then i used upholstery tacks to hold it.I didn't want to cover the metal band because i like the way it looks with the metal showing. 

I think this would look great in the fall with branches, and fall leaves. 

I have to decide what i want to put in it now.Or maybe i'll just leave it as it is. My kitchen gets so much sun it's hard to take pictures.

While i was at it i decided to paint the picture frames olive green.I couldn't live with the dark brown frames.I think they look better green! 

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fresh Cut Hydrangeas

Hello Friends,
My hydrangeas are starting to bloom!! I cut a big bunch, and scattered them around the house.For the last two years they have been a pretty pale pink! I love to bring my flowers in to enjoy.It seems like summer goes so fast, and then there gone!!

I found this old wicker handbag last year at a garage sale. I put some mason jars inside for my flowers. There sitting in my foyer pretty as ever!! 

Got to have some in the kitchen!! 

A little bunch on the shelf.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Finished My Kitchen Chairs

Hello friends,
I finished painting,and recovering the chair seats on these great chairs that i found at the consignment shop.Everytime i go in my friends consignment shop i check out these chairs.I knew they would look great in my kitchen.They came home with me on tuesday,and i just finished them.I love caneback chairs!!The cane was in perfect shape, and i knew with some paint, and glaze they would look fabulous.Of course i used my drop cloth to cover the seats.


This is the before!! There good sturdy chairs.

I just taped, and painted the stripes in hot chocolate fabric paint. 
I used valspar translucent mocha glaze.I'm not a heavy glazer!! I just like a little. 

I think they turned out pretty good. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Adding Some Color

Hello Friends,
Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!! I have been adding some color to the living room. It all started when i found these gorgeous turquoise curtains at jc penney. I love the color,and i sort of built around them for a starting point. I made a short trip to the attic to see what i could find.I had the lamps that i bought at jc penney years ago so that was good, and the color was perfect.I had the oil painting that i found at the salvation army about five years ago.I did find a few small things at michaels.Just about everything i own is white so i'm on the search for more turquoise. 

I bought the solid turquoise pillow at targets. The vase i found at the thrift shop. I just changed the flowers that were in it when i bought it.
This is the oil painting i found at the salvation army thrift shop. 

Another attic find that i had.It has just the right colors. 
I'm glad i didn't sell this lamps from jc penney. 

I had the clock. I bought it at the christmas tree shop. 

I made this pillow from a embroidered tea towel that i had.

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