Monday, August 5, 2013

French Script Kitchen Curtains

Hello friends,
I stopped at joanns hoping I could find some fabric to make new kitchen curtains. I do get overwhelmed looking at all the fabric. Finally after looking for an hour I spotted this french script fabric. I thought It would be just right for some new kitchen curtains.

    These are really simple to make. Home made kitchen tier curtains
    are really easy to make. If you could sew a straight line on your
    sewing machine you should be good to go for It!! Five years ago my
    sewing machine was just to look at. When I looked at It I panicked!!
    I didn't know how to thread the needle. With a lot of mistakes I'm still
    learning little by little. You can too:)))

    You need an opening at the top so the rod can go through and a hem
     on the bottom and sides. I have a two Inch opening for the rod. I have
     an Inch hem on the bottom and sides.

    Here Is a close up of the pattern. It's hard to see with all the sun.
    It certainly saves a lot of money too! I paid $15.00 for the fabric.
    It was on sale 30% off.

                                          Have a great day!!




Karen said...

Love that fabric, the curtains look great.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Your new curtains you made look wonderful! What a cute cute kitchen you have. Love all you've done to make it so!


Very pretty curtains! I'm not a sewer either...but I'm trying to!
LOVE your bird lamp!!!

Cindy said...

Airy and pretty! all that fabric at Joannes is overwhelming to me too!


Karen said...

Hi Kate
The curtains look fabulous. I'm so envious that you have the time to make all of these changes to your beautiful home. Until late last year I was really only working 2 days a week now I'm working 4 I'm finding I'm time poor. It's only for a couple more years til I retire.
Kind Regards

Betty said...

Your kitchen is lovely and I do like the fabric you chose for your curtains.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love the fabric Kathy, they made beautiful curtains.

Art and Sand said...

I love the vignette of the white pitchers in the basket. I have the pieces and I think I might just copy it.

thanks for the inspiration.

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